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Valentine's Day Couple Highlight at Capri Gardens

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February 11, 2020
Lewis Center, Ohio - With this Friday being Valentine's Day we decided to learn a bit about how our residents Sara and Terry have successfully navigated almost 49 years of marriage so far, and what tips they may have for us looking for that happiness too!

Sara and Terry first met on a blind date that was set up by Sara's sister. On their first date, they went to an indoor scuba diving class followed by dinner at McDonalds. Sara and Terry went to rivaling high schools growing up. They went on their first date in January and got married 4 months later on May 12. Both of them stated that things just clicked between them right off the bat- "when you know, you know," said Terry. During their first year of marriage Sara and Terry tent camped their entire way to California… and back!

They both laughed as they shared this story expressing that everything they do together is always fun and memory-filled. On May 12th this year, the Fry's will celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary. Sara and Terry have one son and one daughter. They are also the proud grandparents of two grandsons. When asked what traditions they have started with their family, they both told me that for every holiday each year, they love spending time with the ENTIRE family for each celebratory event.
When asked what his favorite quality about his wife is, Terry's response brought Sara to tears. Terry said that Sara is simply the nicest person he has ever met. She is a great mom, wife, cook, and everything he has ever wanted in a best friend. When asked the same question, Sara was overwhelmed with where to start, first by stating that Terry is such a wonderful man with her favorite sense of humor.
Over the years, they have bonded over different hobbies together; however, gardening is something that they both take pride in. Sara is a master gardener- their homes always had vegetable gardens and pristine yards.

When asked if there is anything that the two of them would change about the past 48 years and they both immediately responded with no. Sara said they she believes everything happens for a reason.

If Terry and Sara could give any advice to couples aspiring to have a long, happy marriage like them - they both stated that patience and communication is the key!

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