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Columbus Zoo Comes to Capri Gardens!

capri gardens rehabilitation nursing Lewis Center Ohio Columbus zoo

February 7, 2020
Lewis Center, Ohio - Today at Capri Gardens Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, we had the Columbus Zoo come out for the second time. It was a wonderful event - we had many loved ones able to join us today too! We were able to learn a lot about an array of different animals. During this visit, the residents got to pet two different types of foxes, a dingo, penguin, and an otter! The residents and staff members had the opportunity to learn about many animals and their habitats, favorite foods, and what their typical behavior looks like. Emily and Whitney, our zoo ambassadors, explained to us how important this program is for The Columbus Zoo & how much they love sharing these beautiful creatures with us in the community to learn more about! We look forward to The Columbus Zoo coming back soon to teach us more about these interesting furry animals!

capri gardens rehabilitation nursing Lewis Center Ohio Columbus zoo
Today was just a snippet into the Capri Gardens Rehabilitation and Nursing Care activity life. Each day there is always multiple stimulating activities for the residents to partake in! Whether it's an activity you have enjoyed your entire life or something you wish to learn more about- the Capri activity calendar can accommodate all!

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