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Capri Gardens Welcomes New Receptionist

Capri Gardens Rehabilitation Nursing Lewis Center receptionist

January 30, 2020
Lewis Center, Ohio - Get to know the faces of Capri!

Happy birthday to our newest friendly face at Capri Gardens! Meet Jackie Valentine, our receptionist up front. Jackie is a perfect fit at Capri Gardens- she can brighten anyone's day the second you walk through the doors. When asked what her favorite part about Capri Gardens is so far, Jackie states that she has enjoyed and appreciated the warm welcoming vibe from the Capri family. Jackie has a knack for customer service and enjoys being of assistance whenever and wherever she can.

Over just the past two weeks, Jackie has formed many bonds and connections with not just the residents but their family members as well. Jackie loves days at Capri when The Columbus Zoo comes or when Bill our environmental services director sings karaoke country music. Jackie also loves Capri bingo days as that was her favorite game to play with her grandma. Jackie enjoys spending her free time with her son Sebastion. They enjoy hiking, basketball and playing with their pup Bandit. The way to Jackie's heart is homemade macaroni and cheese and her all-time favorite dessert is cheesecake. We are so proud to have Jackie on our Capri team because she exemplifies the culture of care we strive to provide throughout our facility.

Happy birthday Jackie!

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